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Two Friends run 2,190 miles while fundraising for Soles4Souls

It’s hard to comprehend driving 2,190 miles on a road trip and even harder to comprehend running 2,190 miles. But best friends Meg Landymore and Celia Eicheldinger made this a reality. They successfully ran 2,190 miles across the Appalachian Trail, all while raising money for Soles4Souls. 

We first introduced Meg and Celia last year as they started on their adventure called the AT RunVenture Project. This past July, they officially completed running all 2,190 miles of the Appalachian Trail over 16 months. 

Throughout their journey, Meg and Celia had to overcome many challenges. On top of running all those miles, they had to juggle family, life, jobs, and the logistics of pulling this off. Additionally, the trail itself posed intense obstacles with steep climbs, slippery rocks, grueling weather and extremely long days with little sleep.

After an exceptionally challenging month in October 2021, Meg and Celia took a few months off of the project over the winter months. They took this time to regroup and they picked up their journey again in April 2022. Meg and Celia entered the final months of their project with the mindset of success over stress. With a fresh start and a new mindset, Meg and Celia finished their AT RunVenture project strong this past July.

Meg stated, “We want to make this experience something that benefits more than just ourselves.” With over $2,500 raised for Soles4Souls, it’s safe to say they were able to turn their project into something that will benefit and inspire so many others. 

If you would like to read more about the adventures and challenges Meg and Celia faced, read their blog documenting their whole journey here

A huge thank you to Meg and Celia for fundraising for Soles4Souls and sharing their journey so others can be inspired by their hard work!