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Zachary Miller’s mission to collect 50,000 pairs of shoes for Soles4Souls 

What started as searching for a social action project for his Bar Mitzvah quickly turned into a passion project for 12-year-old Zachary Miller. In 2019, Zachary Miller came to know the impact of a pair of shoes when he came across a Soles4Souls video of people in other parts of the world going along with their daily lives without shoes. This lit a spark in Zachary, which inspired him to take a leap of faith and begin a shoe drive with a goal of collecting 25,000 pairs of shoes.

Zachary recalls that “the initial goal was 25,000 pairs of shoes, but since achieving that, I increased the goal to 50,000, and we’re close to getting there.”

Zachary’s determination to reach his new goal is evident through his many partnerships. He has teamed up with over 80 local businesses throughout Robbinsville, New Jersey, and surrounding areas to help him collect as many shoes as he can! He and his team not only collect the shoes but also sift through the shoes making sure that each one is in adequate condition for donation.



Today, Zachary’s initial goal has been largely surpassed as he has collected over 41,000 pairs of shoes. These shoes are put to use in Soles4Souls’ 4Opportunity program, creating opportunity for entrepreneurs in low income countries.

Forty-one-thousand shoes donated can provide a full year of consistent, quality food, housing and education for 42 families and can create $371,050 of economic opportunity for families and communities around the world. Zachary’s efforts and passion for giving back are creating a profound impact.



Soles4Souls is grateful for all Zachary has done to change the lives of those around the world and is excited to be partnering with him.

Make sure to follow @thezacharymiller25kshoedrive on Instagram and Facebook for a detailed list of drop off locations. You can also use the hashtag #thezacharymiller25kshoedrive to connect with those supporting his shoe drive.


Interested in starting your own shoe drive? Click here to get started.