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100,000 Shoes for the Frontlines

For a company that’s used to primarily running through its brick and mortar, having to quickly adjust to stores closing was something DSW had never experienced before.

“There are all these new considerations in terms of health and safety, convenience offerings and being more aggressive with value because we know that times are tough for everyone and families still have footwear needs,” says Julie Roy, Vice President of Marketing Strategy and Messaging. “Every week has thrown us for a different loop.”

However, with many companies struggling on how to shift operations, DSW was able to respond quickly by being one of the first retailers to offer curbside pickups for orders and returns. They also met with experts to help lay out the best plan for re-opening and what needed to be done within stores to protect their customers and employees.

But perhaps the most important work DSW has done during this time was partnering with Reebok and Camuto group to donate 100,000 new shoes and 50,000 new socks to Soles4Souls to distribute to those in need– specifically, frontline workers in hospitals.

“When everything initially started closing, we noticed everyone stuck at home was organizing their houses. We thought it seemed like a great time to leverage the donation program we have, and the relationship and partnership with Soles4Souls. But we wanted to use this time to give back to those that are helping those in need, as well as those in need,” says Julie. 

The partnership with Reebok helped ensure that the product being provided also made sense for the frontline workers who will wear them. Over the next few months, Soles4Souls’ regional donation centers across the country will be distributing the product. 

DSW has found countless ways to not only keep used shoes out of landfills, by hosting Soles4Souls donation boxes in stores, but also by supporting free distributions of shoes to people who need them all around the country.