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High Hopes and Big Goals For 2022

Have you ever set a goal that felt so huge… so completely out of reach… so audacious… that you just knew in your bones it was right?

Maybe for you it was running your first 5K. Or your first ultra-marathon. Maybe it was saving for a big purchase. Your dream car. A bucket-list trip. Maybe it was growing your business to six figures or landing your dream client.

At Soles4Souls, our so-big-we-know-it’s-right goal is to create $1 billion in economic impact by 2030.

Yes, that’s one billion. With a “b.”

We define economic impact as the monetary value created for the communities we serve every time shoes, clothing, or socks are sold or distributed.

And since 2006, our supporters have helped create $475,218,499 in economic opportunity.

That’s 46,976,617 pairs of shoes and 26,333,555 articles of clothing.

Those are jaw-dropping numbers. Thanks in part to you, we’re nearly halfway to our $1 billion goal!

But there’s even more good news. Even more reasons to be grateful for your support. Through your contributions, you’re caring for both people and the planet! Since 2006, people like you have helped us:

• Keep nearly 59 million pounds of shoes out of the landfills. That’s more than the collective weight of 12,000 SUVs.
• Keep more than 13 million pounds of clothing out of the landfills. That’s like filling the Statue of Liberty with garments 29 times!
• Upcycle nearly 36 million tons of shoes and clothing. That’s what 900 humpback whales would weigh!

One effort you’re helping with that’s making a massive difference is our micro- enterprise program.

Through micro-enterprise, supporters like you help hard-working entrepreneurs in developing countries build their own businesses selling donated new and used shoes and clothing.

Initially, you and I have provided inventory to our entrepreneurs so they can quickly generate income. Then as they grow, they’re able to purchase shoes and clothing from us at a low cost.

Ultimately, they “graduate” from our program and gain a life of self-sufficiency.

Thanks to you, we’re celebrating big-time this year!

Together, we’ve created jobs through 3.5 million pairs of shoes and 2.5 million pieces of clothing… which generated more than $36 million in economic opportunity.

In fact, every dollar you’ve invested in our micro- enterprise program has helped to sustain an entrepreneur’s family for one day.

“Yes, it’s true life is hard in Haiti. But with our income, we feel that we have a choice. We no longer suffer from misery, we walk on it!” – Haitian Shoe Entrepreneur

But I want to be clear: The difference you’re making to these families goes far beyond economics.

We work primarily with women entrepreneurs in our partner countries, and we have some incredible feedback for you.

• 100% of our women entrepreneurs reported an increase in confidence.
• 86% said their children weren’t able to regularly attend school until they started their businesses.
• 88% reported they had gained respect within the household.
• 100% said they now have more input in household decisions.
• 88% have taken on leadership roles in their communities.

Of course, micro-enterprise isn’t the only program through which you’re changing lives.

There’s also free distributions, through which Soles4Souls works with domestic and international nonprofit partners to deliver new shoes and clothing to people with an immediate need.

This year, with your help, we’ve distributed more than 2 million pairs of shoes, pieces of clothing, undergarments, socks, and face masks. A significant percentage of those items went to underrepresented groups:

• 29% refugees
• 46% victims of abuse
• 29% previously incarcerated
• 69% experiencing homelessness

That last number is of grave concern for us — especially in regard to children experiencing homelessness. And I know it is for you, too.

That’s why we launched 4EveryKid, an initiative with the ambitious goal of providing a pair of new athletic shoes at least once per year to every K-12 student in the U.S. experiencing homelessness.

You and I know something as simple as a new pair of athletic shoes can transform the outlook for America’s youth. And I couldn’t be more grateful for the impact you’ve made possible. This fiscal year, we’ve partnered with:

• 84 school districts
• In 47 U.S. cities
• To distribute 29,361 pairs of name-brand athletic shoes
• Generating $352,332 in economic opportunity!

Overall, you and I have impacted 8,449,228 lives around the world. Just this year alone.

Millions — literally millions — of people’s lives are better today because you’ve said, “I’ll pitch in!”

This is what I mean when I say, “We can do more good when we do it together.” Because of people like you, I have high hopes and big goals heading into the new year. Thank you for your continued support.


Buddy Teaster
CEO & President, Soles4Souls